On Shaky Ground

SEASON 3, EPISODE 3 JACK I’ve got something I need to talk to you about Sam. SAMANTHA Well I don’t know, Jack. You didn’t call for an appointment. It seems to me you didn’t take kindly to my arriving unannounced at your building site, so I see no reason I should make time for youContinue reading “On Shaky Ground”

The Earthquake

MUSIC CONTINUES UNDER: SCENE 4SOUND OF GENERAL HUBBUBSOUND OF RADIO (RADIO CONTINUES AS FOLLOWS, IN THE BACKGROUND,AS SAMANTHA’S FIRST LINE BEGINS) SOUND OF CLICK From the episode title, you already know what happens. But the challenge was figuring out how to present an event that affected every character simultaneously. My solution was to start eachContinue reading “The Earthquake”

Good News and Bad

Like anything organic, an ongoing drama needs to ebb and flow, with rising emotions at one point, and then a settling back into calm. There are choices to be made when it’s time for an increase of tension. Shall it be sudden, like a lightening strike? Shall it be slow, like a gradually building mud slide? Shall it be a deep rumbling underground or a clap of thunder from overhead?

Get Outta Town

There’s definitely a theme for this episode, and it’s about getting out of Milford-Haven, either for good or for bad reasons. This theme gave me a chance to expand beyond the bounds of my little town, and to provide additional context for the characters. After all, everyone wants to get outta town sometimes.

Talent Night

The challenge in writing this episode was to showcase the great musicians and songwriters who were our cast members and guest stars, but also continue to advance the soap opera around the musical interludes. The result was that “on stage” during Milford-Haven’s Talent Night, all was harmonious –literally and figuratively.


I’d co-written a song with Cornelius earlier. He wrote the music and I wrote the lyrics to “Nothing to Stop Me,” which we recorded for one of my albums, and it was a duet. I also invited him to play “himself” in the radio show. Taking advantage of his laconic way of speaking, I created dialogue that also showed off his deadpan, hilarious humor.

Chords and Discords

Season 2, Episode 15 SOUND OF TYPEWRITERSOUND OF DOOR OPENINGSOUND OF POUNDING FOOTSTEPS With this scene, which gets louder line by line, we tested the theory that everyone likes a good fight, now and again. This was a humdinger, and goes right to the heart of a core Milford-Haven issue: Build v. No Build, orContinue reading “Chords and Discords”

Clues Come in Dreams

Season 2, Episode 14 (DREAM SEQUENCE, ALL WITH ECHO) One of the most interesting storylines in Milford-Haven involves Susan Winslow, a woman in her 20s whose snarky attitude and rude behavior provides a counterpoint to her boss Samantha Hugo, known for her adherence not only to law but to decorum. Thus the offices of theContinue reading “Clues Come in Dreams”

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